Unable to update/install OpenRGB

When I tried to update OpenRGB I get a message

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: unable to satisfy dependency ‘mbedtls2’ required by openrgb

As a workaround I tried to install the flatpak version. This installed OK but wouldnt detect any devices. So I did the fix of copying the udev files. It then found some of my devices (Not my razer mouse even though I have OpenRazer installed). But the Flatpak insta crashes on launch. I tried rebooting and now the flatpak doesn’t even launch. As I have now uninstalled the other openRGB packages they will no longer install.

Is there any kind of workaround?

The package mbedtls2 is new and it hasn’t landed yet in stable branch. You can find it in the unstable branch.

You can wait or you can change to unstable.

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edit the PKGBUILD file when it fails, and change the dependencies from mbedtls2 to mbedtls.

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Thank you for insight. I dont want to switch to unstable but I am currently on testing. So i guess this will resolve itself in the next few weeks.

Thank you. I did this and it worked.

I too was freaking out for the same reason
I have just installed OpenRGB from flatpak and more UDEV RULES for OpenRGB from AUR tought

It’s already working

It would be nicer if you give credit to the person that helped you. Don’t mark your own message as solution, mark @DeLinuxCo’s message instead as the solution

The flatpak version just crashes for me. No idea why but the Appimage version works.

Sorry I thought that’s what I did

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