Unable to uninstall 5.10 kernel required by linux-latest, even though 5.15 is installed

I’m trying to remove my 5.10 kernel, which I no longer boot into, since 5.15 is installed and running great.

When I try to do it from the Manjaro kernels handling GUI, it reaches 100% and says “Changes were made successfully”, but the kernel is still there, and the aforementioned tool itself shows it as still installed.

I clicked on “show details”, which reveals an unreported (in the regular view) error:

:: removing linux510 breaks dependency 'linux510' required by linux-latest

Why is linux-latest pointing to 5.10 instead of 5.15? How do I fix it? Should I uninstall linux-latest?

Also, where do I report the bug where there’s an error, but the GUI shows it all worked without a hitch?

Ensure you have a recent kernel installed - using mhwd to install the kernel will install required packages e.g. nvidia and headers if present on your system.

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux515

linux-latest is a deprecated package and you should remove it.

sudo pacman -Rns linux-latest

Why didn’t pamac remove linux-latest automatically during an upgrade?
Is it a bug I should report?

Where do I report the erroneous success status of the removal of the 5.10 kernel using the GUI kernel tool in Manjaro Settings manager?

No - it is long time since the packages linux-latest and linux-lts was dropped. The idea was good - it just turned out to be a pain to maintain.

The removal of the kernel was a success - so there’s no error to report. Only the meta-package was not because it is no longer considered installed and thus not a concern for the settings app.

The kernel was only removed after uninstalling linux-latest manually… It was reporting a successful removal before that, even though it did nothing.

And I would expect the package manager to be aware of deprecated packages and automatically remove them if it doesn’t create conflicts - and output a warning if it does, so the situation can be resolved. Silently keeping deprecated packages which depend on other packages and prevent their removal sounds like a bug to me.

You can expect a lot of things - and surely you will get disappointed now and then.

linux-latest is a meta package and as such it does not contain anything but references to other packages.

You have to explictitly remove the package as removing the references in a meta package does not reflect on meta-package itself.

The settings manager handles the kernel and related stuff - not meta-packages and it never has.

The meta packages was convenience to some and a nuisance to others.

Don’t argue for a bug where none is.

If you must argue for it - do it at

Thanks, I will argue it there.

Reporting something has successfully happened, when doing nothing at all, and requiring an explicit removal of a deprecated package (only discoverable if one clicks on “Show Details”, where it doesn’t even mention this package is deprecated) is a subpar user experience.

I suggest you include a link to this topic when you create the issue.

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