Unable to start desktop environment after uninstalling pipewire

A few weeks ago I got a capture card and was trying to use loopback audio devices. After getting things working, I was unhappy with the overall result, and in my effort to roll back any and all of the changes I had my on my PC I began having audio issues. Namely, my onboard audio card started producing a very low volume static and nothing else. I found a post suggesting that two pieces of audio software on my PC were incompatible. After seeing that both pieces of software only possessed “optional” dependences, I picked one at random (pipewire) and removed it. After rebooting my PC, I’m at where I am now. — Needless to say, it appears it wasn’t quite as “optional” as I would’ve liked.

Although I reached out for help on this forum in the audio area, it seems I need some xorg/GNOME help as well now… Ooops.

I have quite a few details in my audio post here. If there’s any other information I could provide, don’t hesitate to ask.

Oh, and here is my xorg.0.log

What does “unable to start” mean?
Post error messages (from journal or on screen) and/or produce a better description.

Check and post /var/log/pacman.log with all actions taken when pipewire was removed.

pipewire is a requirement of quite a few GNOME packages, it cannot be removed without breakage as you found out the hard way. Either reinstall what you removed or nuke from orbit and start over.

❯ pacman -Sii pipewire | grep "Required By"
Required By     : gnome-remote-desktop  gst-plugin-pipewire  krfb  kwin  lib32-pipewire  manjaro-pipewire  mutter  mutter-x11-scaling  mutter6  obs-studio  pipewire-jack  pipewire-media-session  pipewire-zeroconf  pulseeffects  wireplumber  xdg-desktop-portal  xdg-desktop-portal-wlr

@deemon Does that answer your earlier temper tantrum? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[deemon@Zen ~]$ pactree -r pipewire

seems rather pointless… but letting it stay just in case… :smiley:
To my disappointment wayland seems to be now required by everything… although in reality it’s never used … go figure…

My ignorance tells me that the only thing I removed was pipewire because it’s the only thing I actively selected to be removed… But here’s my pacman.log — And I will admit it looks kinda sketchy. That having been said, if I’m right, and only removed pipewire, why hasn’t reinstalling it fixed it yet?

I appreciate the insight @Yochanan . Still surprised that paman only listed 6 items as being dependent on pipewire, all of which labeled as “optional”, but maybe I just missed somethig.

Start looking through what was removed starting from line 1338.

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