Unable to select Breeze Start/splash screen

Hello there. My Global theme is set on Breath2. I would like the Breeze Start Screen instead of Breath2.

But either if Breath2 or Breeze is selected, it’s Breath2 that is launched.
The other default start screen, Oxygen, is running fine.
If I download another start screen, it will launch also.

Changing SDDM to Breath or Breeze (and synchronize the settings) does not change anything.

But, if I change my Global theme from Breath2 to Breeze, I get the Breeze Start Screen.

I guess Breath2 Global theme overwrites Breeze Start screen with Breath2 config.

Does anyone knows a workaround?

Alright, so I switched my global theme to Breeze twilight (Breeze start/splash screen is working), then tweaked all the sub-configs as they were under Breath2.

I get my start screen as I wish, the default hybrid theming dark/light Breath2, the Manjaro green icon pack…

I still don’t know how (and where to look) to fix Breath2 Global theme, but hey, it works that way.

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