Unable to save gamma settings system wide?

I’ve got this strange issue with my computer that makes my Linux install really dark for whatever reason, and it’s not just one distro that’ll behave like this; it’s literally every Linux distro that I install. Because of this, I’ll have to crank up the gamma in the settings to get things comfortable. Only problem is that these settings refuse to save. I’ll set the gamma in the system settings to 1.3, and it’ll stay at 1.3 for as long as I don’t reboot or anything, but after a reboot, it goes back to its’ default setting, and I’ll have to reopen the system settings to get it to acknowledge that I want the gamma set to 1.3.

I have to go through the same procedure trying to set the gamma through nvidia-settings too. I’ve tried using the “save settings system wide” option, but the only thing it gives me is an error saying “cannot execute command ‘xf86gammacfg 1.30 1.30 1.30.’” I’ve also tried editing the xorg.conf files myself but, yet again, to no avail. I really haven’t found anyone else online who has run into the same issue, and it’s getting quite annoying to deal with.

Any helpful input would be greatly appreciated.

Please read this part
When saving .nvidia-settings-rc in your home directory MUST BE as your user, then add the line
nvidia-settings --load-config-only
above the
exec $(get_session)
inside the ~/.xinitrc file …

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Thank you for the reply, but that method doesn’t seem to work for me.

I did everything it said, but the gamma settings won’t default to what I set them to on startup.

EDIT: Not exactly the solution I would’ve hoped for, but I fixed it by setting Nvidia-settings as a startup application and wrote a login script that kills it after it starts, and all of it takes place during the splash screen.

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