Unable to satisfy dependencies

Trying to update a Lenovo Thinkpad and getting stalled by missing items.

could not satisfy dependencies:

  • unable to satisfy dependency ‘lib32-celt’ required by lib32-jack
  • unable to satisfy dependency ‘libcelt0.so’ required by lib32-jack
    Transaction cancelled.

I have not installed anything new and I wonder how dependencies could now be missing. The 2 packages are not found in the library.

It seems lib32-jack has been dropped to AUR.

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lib32-jack is required by jack that is now replaced by jack2. So jack and its dependencies went to AUR …
Try to install jack2, it would install its dependencies and it should remove jack and its own dependencies.

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I used this solution and am now able to update the system

"Hi, I had the same dependency problem and I did the following: I ran sudo pacman -Sdd pipewire-jack This reinstalled pipewire-jack and removed jack2 but left lib32-jack2. So I forcefully removed only lib32-jack2 with sudo pacman -Rdd lib32-jack2 Then I proceeded with the update as usual "

If you install lib32-pipewire-jack from Manjaro Multilib repository that should resolve dependency issues with CELT audio codec

Packages lib32-jack2 and lib32-pipewire-jack use OPUS audio codec instead of CELT

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