Unable to run root GUI actions from XRDP remote sessions

I’ve installed Manjaro KDE Plasma on my computer that connects to my TV in hopes to move more toward linux as a daily driver rather than Windows. I’ve installed XRDP on it so I can remote into it from my Windows boxes, and that works well with the exception that I can’t run GUI programs that require authentication while remoted in (Timeshift, installing any program from the pamac-manager, gparted, etc.). It simply pops up a box that says “Authentication Failed.” and that’s it. I know this is where it would normally open an authentication box for my root password, and indeed it does when I’m physically logged into that box and not remoted. Its cumbersome to work on that box physically with my small media keyboard and I will be mostly remoted into it to test, explore and learn, except when using it to watch stuff of course.

Also, when trying to launch these programs from the command line using sudo (or su to be root), such as “sudo timeshift-gtk”, I get:

Gtk-WARNING **: 08:25:11.675: cannot open display: :10.0

Even if this worked though, it would only be a band aid basically. I’d like to see if I can really use this box remotely as if I were sitting in front of it, and so far it does not appear I can. Through much googling, I’m guessing this has something to do with polkit along with X sessions, but I’m pretty much a noob and don’t really know much about that. I’ve tried a number of things and the only thing I was able to get to work was launching these programs from the terminal after doing something from the terminal with XAUTHORITY=./xauthority (or something like that) that I can’t find now, but this also would seem to be a band aid fix.

Any help would be appreciated.

Funny you should mention it.

There was a necrobump earlier today on a similar issue - also xrdp.

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