Unable to make new Keyboard shortcuts

Using the new KDE 5.2.x I cannot make new shortcuts for apps. They do not take. Other than that, no,problems.

It should. Do you create them under personalised shortcuts? Can you give an example?

Off the computer now. But I noticed an unchecked box, which I clicked on. It was start input daemon on login. So that got activated. Will see if that mankes any difference. I was trying to create a keyboard shortcut for Focuswriter. Ctl Alt F.
It is a Flatpak app. Maybe that is the problem. ? Will know more tomorrow. Thanks.

Mmh I’m ignorant on this topic.
Try this combination with a standard application like Kate or Firefox. Then, change the shortcut for your flatpak.
If none works, try another shortcut. If only the normal application works, blame flatpak’s.

Good ideas. I suppose I should stress this is not a critical problem for me, just something I stumbled upon. The problem may have even been there before the kde 5.20 update. Anyway, I will be looking into all this.

Solved. I think it was a combination of the unchecked “start input daemon at login” and the different directory that Flatpak uses. No bug!!!