Unable to load manjaro gnome 5.9

Hello, I’m fairly new to Linux.

I have been working with manjaro for 4 or 5 months but today when I tried to boot it got stuck in the loading screen after the grub.

I have searched for answers but every one I have found starts with “press alt f2 to enter the console” And I am unable to do that, it does not load. In one of my tries I got to this screen that told me “unable to start Authentification manager” But that’s all.

I’m not only new to Linux but also to the forum so I would appreciate any kind of help (specially since I dont want to reinstall as I have important data) and I hope I didn’t miss any forum rule
Thanks in advance

Hello @Campodetenis and welcome!

It is a bit hard to tell whats wrong there. But I would say you haven’t updated your system for a long time. Manjaro is a rolling release, which means, it updates constantly. And if install new software and don’t update the system libs, then it could result in an unstable and broken system.


If you really can’t open a console (Not only F2 works, but also F1-F7), then the only way to fix this, is booting a Manjaro live session (install disk) and chroot into your system.

On a live session, open a terminal and type:

manjaro-chroot -a

then first update the whole system:

sudo pacman -Syu

if that don’t fix the problem after reboot, the chroot again a live session and upload your journal log:

journalctl -b1 | curl -F'file=@-' https://0x0.st

and post the link here which will show for more information for investigation. If discourse dont allow you, then type it with 2 backticks like this `https://0x0.st` → https://0x0.st

Also good would your system information:

inxi -Fazy

Just copy and paste the output here as code like this:

terminal output

terminal output
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I guess for someone that is not a noob as I am the solution might have been easy, but I didn’t know you could access your installation from a live USB that way.

Thanks a lot really, you saved me.

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