Unable to install Manjaro KDE using bootable USB

I downloaded the Manjaro KDE image from the website and made a bootable USB using balena etcher, I checked the partitions to make sure that the partition type was correct, it was. Yet everytime I tried to boot it, I got a black screen that did not accept any inputs (I tried ctrl+alt+f2 and got no results).

I waited on this screen for 30 minutes, yet got nothing, so its not that my PC is just very slow.

I tried making the USB again using rufus but got the same results.

I checked the SHA hash of the image and it matched the one provided by the website, so the file is not corrupted.

I tried another USB with Linux Mint and that booted fine, so there is no problem with the PC’s setting.

Any suggestions for how to fix this?

Try this tutorial: