Unable to install bspwm via architect

Booted into live environment to install a setup with bspwm and the option simply isn’t there when selecting a DE. I have tried the install process multiple times yet to no avail, any ideas?

I don’t believe there is a current maintainer of the bspwm. There hasn’t been an update of the bspwm profile in 8 months. There has been a commit for the bspwm-mate profile though, but it’s not available on Architect either.

@Chrysostomus, do you know why these two do not show up in Architect? Is it because the maintainer didn’t update the profile correctly, or because the profiles are outdated and Architect detects that somehow? Or something else?

Also… Noticed that LXQt isn’t on Architect either :frowning:

how about install barebone Ma without gui. from tty, use pacman t install ? i had done that [not coz i didnt find any option but i wanted to test barebone and then loading it with required]

Huh, odd I was able to use the install on a different machine recently but now it seems to have gotten the axe

I was going to do that but I wanted to see if I had the option with architect as it’s is simply more convenient for my purposes.

Bspwm edition is maintained currently by @airclay

Manjaro-architect automatically removes from selection profiles that have issues. You can check whick package has issues by running profile-validate -v. I think it might have been caused by the dunstify package.

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I verified that the issue is the removal of dunstify package. @philm reuploaded it to repos, it is already in unstable branch and becomes available in stable with next stable update.

@Chrysostomus Instructions for switching branch are available in the WIKI.

Thanks @HelperBot. Yes, you can use the unstable branch to install bspwm edition with manjaro-architect and then switch to stable branch if you want.