Unable to find the AUR tab in Pacman

I am trying to enable AUR packages through pacman, but I can’t seem to find the tab where it’s suppose to be. Any advice?

Tried to find the AUR tab like this:
Add/remove software packages > Three dots > Preferences

I guess you mean pamac instead:

In the preferences, move to the “Third party” tab and there you can enable AUR.

HI, yeah still new to arch based distros so excuse my newbie termology lol. The three tabs that are present on the preferences tab is: “General”, “Official Repositories” and “Cache”. No “third party” tab.

Sorry, had the new pamac in mind which did not hit stable yet.

Check in the menu if “Software Mode” is switched on.
Switch that off and then again open “Preferences”. Then you should see an “AUR” tab there…

There you go! Thank you :slight_smile: