Unable to find Bluetooth Speaker Battery Percentage Status in Manjaro

Hello guys,

I want to display battery percentage of my bluetooth speaker in Manjaro KDE, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. When connected to iOS it does show battery percentage, so I presume that speaker does send battery percentage info to peer connected to it.

Also, I couldn’t find the information under “Battery and Brightness” widget.

Saw some similar threads in recommendation but none of the threads had answer. (One thread did have but it was related to bluetooth keyboard, whose status was shown in “Battery and Brightness” widget.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Okay, I found quite a workaround, after digging sometime over the internet.

All I needed to do is install an python package named bluetooth_battery

pip3 install bluetooth_battery

After installation is complete, run the following command to query the battery percentage

bluetooth_battery 28:D2:F5:CB:79:6E

Don’t forget to change MAC address to your own in your case

I got the following output

Conclusion : I still want a GUI displaying battery percentage if possible inspite of executing commands every time. For the time being, this is better than none. I’m keeping this thread open so that someone might provide ideas to get GUI battery display.