Unable to create a folder or extract folders to 'usr/local'

Hello fellow members,

I was unable to create a fresh folder or extract some folders to usr/local. It says permission denied. Under ‘permissions’, on right clicking the ‘local’ folder, i found that ownership is mentioned as root and all the fields are locked/faded. While installing the OS I created the user as admin i remember.

Even while I use sudo in terminal to extract the folders, it still says permission denied. I needed to extract folders into usr/local to install golang.

I use Manjaro-KDE version and im the only user on the laptop. Hope someone could help me.


sudo pacman -S go
pamac install go
Otherwise is a bad idea to start extracting files and folder in that location, especially if you had to ask about it :slight_smile:
Please read this:


Ok allow me to check doing so but Im unable to understand why I don’t have permission on these folders despite being the administrator. I am fledgling to Linux and hence my awareness on this is a bit low.

Being administrator doesn’t mean you can alter system files or folders via File Manager, reason why you should learn about how linux filesystem works. You can do it via sudo and providing the password.


Thank you so much. I shall be reading the link to understand more about the file system. :blush:

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