Unable to connect Microsoft Arc Mouse

Hello all,

I am a new Linux user and have installed Manjaro Gnome and I am really enjoying the experience. I am stuck however trying to connect a Microsoft Arc mouse via bluetooth.

First I tried to connect via the settings page but I was strange behavior, like the tool wouldn’t see devices after a failed connection attempt. I did connect once but the mouse disconnected and wouldn’t connect again.

After some research it looks like bluetooth mouse connections is something of a hit or miss so I tried using bluetoothctl, I can see that the controller is set to discovery but it doesn’t see the mouse.

Can anybody offer any other suggestions to get the mouse working. I am very new to Linux (have been using it for 1 week!) so apologies for any silly responses

Please open a terminal and use ’ inxi -Fxz ’ and post the output

Second check the output of ’ systemctl status bluetooth.service ’ and post it also