Unable to check iso image after download

I have read all the info on the Manjaro downloads page for being secure and checking the downloaded image. Something is not clicking for me. Here is where I am lost.

I am missing something important in this paragraph:

"The checksum file itself is just a text document that contains a code that should match the code generated by the sha1 or sha256 algorithm. As such, if the code generated from the ISO file matches that contained in the checksum file, then the ISO is fine; otherwise, if the two codes don’t match then it means that the ISO file has changed in some way, most likely due to being corrupted. You can think of it like someone using a secret password to identify who they are: if they provide the wrong password, then something is obviously amiss! "

I do not understand how to get the checksum file. Where does it come from? I have quick hash running on Windows 10 (currently I am having an issue with Manjaro not loading consistently, but I found a thread on here to try). I see the sha1 hex number on the download page. This is where I get stuck. What do I do after I download the image to check it.

If I need to put this in the newbie section, just let me know. Thanks.

First off thank you for the step by step.

As far as the loading issue I am trying something and I will post another thread if I have an issue. Thank you.

Everything I am doing is from the official Manjaro.org site. It shows the download (powered by cdn77), a GPG signature and hex sha1 number under the download button. I would be able to check it in Manjaro as long as it is loading (so far so good today), or I could check it in windows with Quickhash. I have already downloaded the iso image. Then I stopped because I would like to be able to verify it.

you could check the ISO (manjaro.iso to be replaced by the right name):

sha256sum manjaro.iso

If I understand you correctly, I do this at the command line pointing to the iso image?


Thank you, that was the part that wasn’t clicking. Most of the time when something calls for the command line you will see what to type at the command prompt like above on alven’s post. The explanation did not have it. Now I get it thank you for pointing out the one detail I was missing.

Thanks for the reply. On the Manjaro side this is actually very easy. If you look at that link you posted, on the Windows side using quickhash, there are no instructions. I began this post because I couldn’t get Manjaro to load and I was going to use the USB live environment to troubleshoot. I figured out the issue has something to do with my WiFi. I will work on this later when I get my wired Ethernet cable to plug in to the computer and re-install the wireless drivers. But that will be a topic for another thread. For now, I no longer need the Windows instructions because I made the boot-able USB for just in case.