Unable to change lock-screen wallpaper into different one than background wallpaper?

Hello everybody…
A newbie here…
I am running Manjaro Gnome from a week and it is awesome. But I’m unable to change the lock screen wallpaper. From Settings>Background I can only change for background. And from Gnome Tweaks>Appearance> …even after I change there and lock the screen it shows the same background image (even if I change background as one picture and lock screen wallpaper as another.)
I even copied my picture to usr/share/backgrounds/

Hi @ReoKark,

Manjaro feels nice because it’s awesome!

The login background can be changed by customizing SDDM. At least that’s in KDE.

In KDE, you’d have to go to System SettingsWorkspaceStartup and shutdown. There is the Login screen (SDDM) section.

So perhaps it would be similar for you.

Thanks for the help. But I couldn’t find any such options neither in System settings nor in Tweaks.

Then maybe it’s not the same for Gnoome, and in that case I can’t help further. Sorry 'bout that.

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