Unable to boot to live media (KDE)

I’m trying to install Manjaro on my pc, but whenever I start the live media on my USB stick it gets me to the “choose drivers and options” menu, I select the open source drivers, it does the “Started (some service) [OK]” then my fans ramp to maximum speed and all I get is a blank black screen.

I have a windows installation on the side if that could be a cause

I used Ventoy on my USB (I also tried booting from another ISO with Ventoy, Linux Mint, as a test and that also failed)

I tested it on my mother’s laptop which has an intel CPU and it booted fine, is it because the ISO is configured for an intel cpu instead of AMD the issue?

My specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3400G
GPU: Radeon rx 570
Mobo: Gigabyte b450m DS3H

Two things to start with;

Make sure that Fast Boot is off and be sure you are booting via UEFI and not Legacy.

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i have fast boot off, and i boot with UEFI but it still does the same thing, “Started (some service) [OK]” then a blank black screen