Unable to boot Manjaro (KDE Plasma)

Hi there, I’ve been trying to install the Plasma version of Manjaro for the past few days.
Every time I attempt to boot from the USB flash drive that Manjaro is on, it doesn’t go past this screen: (I don’t think I can post images)

SeaBIOS (version rel-1.11.0-54-g248459n-MrChromebox-2010.09.12)

Press ESC for boot menu.

Select boot device:

1. USB MSC Drive Kingstron DataTraveller 3.0 PMAP
2. MMC drive HAG2e 15032MiB

Booting from USB Device

I’ve tried installing it differently a few times. One of these I had a MBR partition table, a 300mb unformatted (I think) partition labelled with boot inside of /boot, a 4gb linuxswap labelled with swap, and a 53gb ext4 partition inside of /. The bootloader was also put inside of /boot. Another time I replaced everything in the drive automatically, and that only made one partition. And the other time I used a GPT partition table, a 55gb partition ext4 mounted under /, and some sort of boot file system mounted under /boot and labelled with bios-grub, plus the bootloader was inside of /boot.
The biggest problem is that it takes 2 hours each time I install it, which makes it much harder to test.
I’m really not sure why this is happening, can anyone help with this?

PS: I’m using an Acer C730 Chromebook, + Linux Mint boots and runs fine.

Well, then you won’t be lucky with Manjaro. Each month you take about ~1.6GB Update. It will be slow and abuse the MMC. Better stick with a fixed release model like on Linux Mint than a rolling release model.