Unable to boot manjaro kde 20.0

Unable to boot using EasyBCD on Windows 7. I tried using grub and it didn’t boot windows 7 properly so i decided to use windows boot manager. When booting using windows boot manager, it opens a grub command line.
Installed without boot-loader on an external SSD
Legacy BIOS
Manjaro KDE 20.0
I’ve tried reinstalling as well, doesn’t work.

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I hate to say this but am going to anyhow:
This forum is related to Manjaro Linux and Linux related programs, for M$ programs there are other places.

If you want help with getting Grub to boot your W7, people might try to help.
If you want that, either change the title to reflect that or ask for it to be changed.
In which case also please see this:

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can you use ventoy

then copy iso ( drag & drop )