Unable to boot after newest Stable update

During the installation of latest updates through pamac my system went completely black, with only the underscore on the top left corner. I could still go into other ttys but it wouldn’t move past that. I rebooted and I get the message "Error file ‘/boot/vmlinuz54’ not found need to load kernel first. So I assumed the problem was with the kernels not being installed correctly due to the crash during pamac install.

I googled this and found this guide on how to chroot and fix kernels, which I followed, but at the point where I need to update kernels through chroot I get the error “error: failed to synchronize all databases (unable to lock database)”.

How to proceed and get my system to boot?

Edit: I have Timeshift restore points available which I could use, but I’ve never tried that before.

I timeshifted myself back into yesterday and my system boots so I guess I’m good for now. I’m just scared to update again to not need to deal with this.

If you used the GUI, try:

pamac upgrade

in a terminal instead and report any warnings before you press Y to continue.