Unable to access gdrive accounts in KDE plasma

Hi, my system is KDE Plasma 5.23.5, KDE Frameworks 5.90.0, Qt version 5.15.2, Kernel 5.16.2-1 (64bit), in X11.
The gmail accounts to access the respective google drives no longer work: let me explain; In “network” there is the “link” to “Google Drive”, but clicking on it , the system goes to
“Loading” without finishing, and it is no longer possible to access the gdrive accounts, while until recently access was practically immediate; does anyone have an idea?

There has been a lot of these questions lately.

Did you bother to search?

The issue is most likely upstream KDE or even Google changes - I really don’t know as I don’'t use Google if I can avoid it.

You need to get the kio-gdrive package from the official repo extras to enable gdrive on dolphin, atleast that was the case for me.

The latter. :frowning_man:

I searched but what I found does not fit the present situation

already done

I noticed that the exact same problem occurs in plasma arch linux, but NOT in Kde Neon, where everything works fine; why?; ?!?!.it seems the problem occurs in arch and derivatives but not in Neon, so not due to google changes.

The only idea I can come up with is some API keys available on KDE Neon because it is the defacto standard for KDE and those API keys are not available through source - for obvious reasons.

Google is well-known for requiring users to use their own api keys when connecting to google services.

Google does not like when 3rd parties builds utilities to access their services - but I still don’t know for real.

same issue here