Ultimaker cura unable to import folder


I have recently installed the Ultimaker Cura slicer for 3D Printers. I already have a printer profile that I would like to load. There I encounter following problems:

  1. The official repo version of the program crashes when trying to open the import dialog (It should display a file manager to choose a settings file. This does not happen when executing Cura as root).
  2. When executed as root or when using the Snap version of the program the “import” dialog opens but the dialog does not allow to import folders.

The second point is the main problem because the settings I have were exported under Windows and consist simply of a file called “profilename.curaprofile”. However under Linux this file is actually recognized as a folder that contains subsettings as files. To import the settings I need to import the whole folder but this is not possible as the import dialog only allows to import files.

Any idea on how I can solve this? Maybe force a folder to be viewed as a file? Or is this simply a problem in the Cura program?

Thanks in advance!