Ultimaker Cura breaking my graphic output

I use Manjaro KDE (always the newest stable kernel) and recently I started with 3D printing, so I installed Ultimaker Cura.
The problem is that since I installed it, my graphic output doesn’t work as it should - my screen goes black for a couple seconds, then it quickly shows me my desktop and then it goes black again.
I installed Manjaro KDE on my flashdisk yesterday for another reason and everything worked smoothly - until I installed Cura. The same problem.
I’ve no idea how can this happen…

Hi @Muskwa,

How did you install it?

Is it this package in the AUR?


That package has been flagged as out of date on the 9 Nov already, so I doubt it’ll work on an up-to-date system.

Nevertheless, I just had a look on

and it has an .AppImage you can download, which should work, in theory at least.

I installed Cura from official repositories (community)

sudo pacman -S cura

It seems that version is also out of date.

Do yourself a favour and try the .AppImage. If nothing else, then you know. At least. And have something to use for now, if it works.

Ok, I’ll try
thanks for Your advice and Your time :wink:

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Please do not laugh too hard.
It has nothing to do with cura
looks like hardware failure, that I didn’t catch when running the live environment.
problem of my hardware, nothing else

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