Ukui control center segmentation fault

Hi i use last manjaro release (xfce 20.1.1) and i try to install ukui but i have some problems, i can not acces to ukui control center i have this error:

i install ukui with this command:

sudo pacman -S ukui xorg-server
sudo systemctl enable lightdm

i use last ukui stable version (in the official repo)

Scan Plugin:  ""
Create youker Interface Failed When Get Computer info:  QDBusError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown", "The name com.kylin.assistant.systemdaemon was not provided by any .service files")
Create active Interface Failed When Get Computer info:  QDBusError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown", "The name org.freedesktop.activation was not provided by any .service files")
Load Plugin : "Messages" -> "About"
Scan Plugin:  ""
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

thanks for advance for your help


First, after installing the UKUI group, reboot the system. Once in Login Screen, chose the UKUI session, then all their options will be available.

Hello, thank you for your answer.
I did, but when I launch the control center (from ukui desktop environnement) I get this error

Do you think it could come from a conflict with another software ? (i have cinnamon and xfce installed)

i installed ukui in new manjaro 20.1.1 xfce virtual machine
i update all packages
i install ukui like this:

sudo pacman -S ukui xorg-server
sudo systemctl enable lightdm

i reboot my virtal machine
i select ukui in the login screen and i start my session
ukui start correctly (i have start screen and desktop…)
but i have same problem with the control manager.

I tested UKUI inside a Manjaro Deepin VM. I installed all the UKUI packages (from Manjaro repos) from pamac, including UKUI control manager, and it launched fine after reboot.

can you tell me which version you used ?
can you give me the commands you have inserted ?

Not in front of the computer right now but I went on Pamac (so in GUI), typed UKUI and selected for install all UKUI-something applications from Manjaro official repositories. So the latest version to date.
There were also UKUI packages from AUR, but I didn’t pick them. There were some dependencies from some apps installed alongside.

Here it goes:

I have the same thing as you
I tested on vmware workstation and virtualbox, I type pacman -S ukui I reboot and control-center to a segmentation error

can i know your pc components ? i have intel I7 6700, gtx 980 and 16go ddr4
I will try to test on another pc during the day.

It’s a 2011 Dell, with i5-2520M, Nvidia NVS 4200M and 8Go RAM.
To be really sure of all UKUI packages you install, better use GUI Pamac as in my previous post screenshot.

I don’t know if your command sudo pacman -S ukui really installs ukui related packages without the name ukui in it, like peony

Simpler way of doing, you can switch in Pamac from Categories section to Groups, and select all the ukui group related apps:

I tested on 3 pc, I have this problem only on my computer.
I think it’s a component that should not be well recognized.

otherwise I have another bug that I have on all pc’s, the icons on the desktop are duplicated (folders, files…)
do you have this bug?

Nope, I don’t think so (I don’t currently have UKUI or Deepin VM right now). Maybe another instance launched of a pinned application from taskbar?
Or it’s really on the desktop that all is in double ?