Ukrainian version Forum

Good review, I noticed that the Manjaro Linux Forum does not have a Ukrainian version, so I want to help create a Ukrainian version and if anyone from the forum is interested in this idea, write to me and I will be happy to talk and explain my plan for the Ukrainian version of Manjaro Linux Forum.

Welcome here, @RLm36 :wave:

As you can imagine we cannot maintain and moderate all possible languages. This does not mean this is for ever, if there would be strong demand for this it could be rethought, again.

if not exists, you can add tag Ukrainian in subject

And if there are enough Ukrainian posts in the #languages section, we’ll give it its own subcategory.


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that is, I can create posts with the Ukrainian tag and I will not be touched?

now, this subject have tagукраїнський , tag to use in #languages section root as written in prev post

oh, thanks!

can I just copy and translate into Ukrainian what is already on the Manjaro forum space?
For example - Manjaro forum rules, Support, Manjaro wiki, etc.

  • On the wiki you can if you request to be a translator, but I don’t know if we have a :ukraine: editor yet… Ask the admin and if there isn’t one, ask to become an editor.
  • Here on the forum, not really as this is a support forum. But you can answer any :ukraine: questions!


I`m understand thank you.

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