UK Mirrors are down?

Manjaro UK mirrors seem to be down (via:



::ERROR timed out '

$ sudo pacman-mirrors -c all -m random
$ sudo pacman-mirrors -f
$ sudo pacman -Syyu
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Thank you this helped get working mirrors and I am now able to update. However, I would like to have access to the UK mirrors when they are available.

Seems to be early Brexit or what?


Perhaps the mirrors will be repaired and allowed to remain on after the election on Thursday :wink:

You can use pacman-mirrors to create a custom mirror pool using a subset of countries - add a single country or a list of countries.

sudo pacman-mirrors -c United_Kingdom

But as you have seen mirrors sync at different times - so you could just be patient until your primary mirror is synced.

Cheers m8, I will be patient. With your help, you provided a solution to the broken UK mirror issue. :facepunch:t4: nuff respect.

@papajoke had a brilliant suggestion on listing status of the local mirror list. This has been implemented in pacman-mirrors.

It is being tested on unstable branch.

Nice, I am very interested.

Sweet, thanks!

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