Uex.dk mirror maintenance


Due to update of the on-premise electrical installations my mirror server will not be available until late afternoon today.

Frede Hundewadt


Mirror is backup - nice to know you don’t die by turning on the light :slight_smile:

Good to hear the mirror is back online… And how did you do the time.

I took the time to visit an old friend - and talk to his project manager about our project - and some minor adjustment to some css and cshtml on said project.

When I got back my circuits are all up to the standards required in DK - and yes my installations dates back to - originally I have no idea - but I do know the house was refurbished and extended in mid 80’ies and standards do change.

Project is document management projects for chemical risk evaluations and workplace usage documents. And no it is not an internal thing - it is for his company’s customers.

My friend runs the Scandinavian distribution of products from a Belgium company called Innotec https://innotec.eu

I was meaning this :point_down:
silly me

Oh - it didn’t take as long as predicted in the announcement.

It took less then 3 hours - but I put in some buffer.

And the timezone is Europe/Copenhagen - what you see is the translation to your local tz

But if you wonder how the post is made - just use the :spiral_calendar: in the topic/comment toolbar

Ah, ok.

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