UEFI (secure boot) ever be possible via Arch/Manjaro?

I have two computers, one runs Manjaro, very happy with. I have another portable machine (Lenovo mini tower), on which is Windows10, and I have added a Ubuntu flavour, Xubuntu, so that I can dual boot with EUFI secure boot enabled. This is fine, sort-of (not entirely happy with Ubuntu), so I’m wishing Arch will come up with an easier-than-their-description of using EUFI, or an actual image like Ubuntu and Red Hat. What are the chances do you think? Spoiler: I’m an old guy and when EUFI came out I thought Linux doomed :slight_smile:

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Hello from another oldie.

Secure boot in Arch :slight_smile:?

As it requires a bootloader signed with a signature controlled by Microsoft - I’d guess never - but that can of course change.

Arch is user-centric and Manjaro too - at least to a degree - and thus choices such as secure boot, firewall, filesharing and a heap of other choices is left for the user to implement.