UEFI not detecting boot partition


After a while of not using openSUSE on my Windows/openSUSE dualboot setup, I came back and found something had broken on it, so I just decided to replace it with Manjaro.

After setup, in which I had reformatted the boot partition and installed Manjaro’s boot loader, I found that it was booting into another drive which I did not know had GRUB on it. Through the GRUB command line, I was able to get to the Manjaro GRUB and then into Manjaro, but for some reason my UEFI is not detecting the Manjaro boot partition.

I have followed the method on this thread, that adds Manjaro to the boot options used efibootmgr, but, while the correct option now shows up on efibootmgr, when I go into my UEFI settings, I don’t see that option and it won’t boot straight into it. I have turned secure boot off, and that doesn’t help, either.

Any help with this is appreciated and please let me know if any command outputs or logs are required.

Welcome here, @DeathByPrograms,

have you switched off Fastboot in Windows? Otherwise the disk or part of it may stay in a locked status. Further hints could be found here:

Fastboot has been turned off, afaik. I will double check and edit this post if it isn’t

Edit: Fastboot was in fact turned off