UE5 EA2 has issues with dropdown menus

I’m running UE5 EA2 from source on Manjaro (Linux) and everything is working great, with the exception of a really strange issue with context menus.

When I hover my cursor over a drop-down, it flickers, icons become distorted and I end up with something that looks somewhat like this: ![image|666x384](upload://fyI2aBsYB7jIPqTcYotu9KysnXA.png)

Edit: My image upload was blocked by the forums, sorry.

Does anyone happen to have any suggestions on how I could fix this issue?

I’m using KDE with X11 (I have tried Wayland too, but no difference).

Unreal Engine 5 is still in Early Access. It could be a bug in the source.

I am aware, and it could be. However, it doesn’t seem to have been reported before, and the issue only seems to be occurring on Linux as the Windows build doesn’t have any problems for me.