Ubisoft not launching on lutris/when launching ubisoft gives connection lost

Hello guys im trying to launch ubisoft connect on lutris to play far cry 5 but when i click play it doesnt launch including far cry 5 is there i fix to this or does this require steam? And even when it launches when i try to log in it gives connection lost

To get it to work for me, I had to use the flatpak version of lutris with wine-ge.

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Please edit your reply to correct your spelling instead of posting twice in succession. This is a support forum, not an instant messenger.

Tip: You spelled it wrong twice in a row. :wink:

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Sorry i apologize if i was being rude as english is my second language

Thank you so much, how do i install Lutris using Flatpak

It wasn’t about the spelling itself; rather it was how you attempted to correct it. You’ve now succeeded on both fronts. :wink:

You dropped this… :point_down:


If you had typed that question in a search engine, you would have already had your answer by now. :wink:

If you need help along the way after researching, please do not hesitate to ask further questions.

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Alright, thank you. I sometimes Prefer to go on forums when I have a problem I don’t understand but, i will keep in mind about the search browser

That’s perfectly fine. There are plenty of friendly volunteers here willing to help out.

However, people will be more willing to help if you you’ve researched your problem first. Explain in detail what you read, what you tried and what you don’t understand. “It doesn’t work” does not help us help you.

I understand as I try to give out detailed information but can go out of path as i am currently still testing manjaro before i install it on my main hard drive from a virtual machine