Two manjaro installations on different SSD - initramfs img not found

I installed manjaro KDE on a new system, after that I have attached a second SSD and installed a second Manjaro KDE (both UEFI) os-prober recognizes the first installed system and it shows up in the grub menu, but I can’t boot it anymore it shows a kernel panic and initramfs img not found.

I have always used MBR before and was able to start 2 identical systems with different boot (grub) locations.
I would like to use the second system as a backup system, so the bootloaders on both SSD should work for a boot.


I’ve always used dual, tri, multi-boots on a single HDD or several and in the specific case of Manjaro it and only it must be the boot agent for “all other” installed systems.

That is, one only has GRUB installed the other “all post installed systems” have to be installed “without their boot systems (GRUB)”

Did you understand the Brazilian papa-chibé?

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thanks, but why can I use 2 systems (manjaro only) on differnt disks w/ MBR and GPT/ UEFI does no longer boot after seconf OS was installed?

Should I prefer MBR instead of GPT/ UEFI?

I will retry with MBR instead of GPT/UEFI boot is much faster and grub can be repaired more easily, I don’t see any advantages with GPT except for larger disks > 1TB

You should use UEFI.

I have installed UEFI but it does not work in that case … I need to be able to boot from sda and/or from sdb also when changing the boot order from sda to sdb in case of a failure

Can you post fdisk -l of your computer ?

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thank you, I’m already in live mode for a new installation :wink:
For MBR w/ UEFI should I mark the boot option for /boot as bios-grub or just boot?


I will set up a new partion layout for the second OS as GPT & /boot with option bios-grub
will see … not sure if it work with the other bootloader GPT/EFI on sda

seems to work …
do you think this could happen when I have added the second disk?
first installation build the bootloader on sda and this has been later replaced - sda to sdb and the second disk was used as sda …