Two installs same drive

I have and use KDE as my main DE. However I installed gnome to a seperate partition and it is not shown at boot and I cant see it as an option. I can see it is on the disk but no boot to it. The install went normal with no issues. How can I get to gnome? It did share the boot and swap partition but the gnome is on its own partition.

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My educated guess would be that you installed one system in native UEFI mode and the other in legacy BIOS compatibility mode. That won’t work ─ both systems must be installed in the same manner. And considering that this is 2021, I would recommend installing them in native UEFI mode, with a common EFI system partition.

Do however keep in mind that the GRUB of the system you installed last will be the one that’s in control.

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Thanks for the quick reply. They are both installed in the same manner. I am aware that sometimes manjaro doesnt play nice with others at boot. However I also have other distros installed as well and no issues with them. The only problem is recognizing 2 manjaros installed.