Tvheadend on Odroid N2

I'm newbie.
Is it possible to install tvheadend on odroid n2.

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After doing some online search about tvheadend and odroid, I dont think it is working yet for N2. Their official website shows that they have arm64 support but only for Ubuntu 16.04 Ref. Link

Maybe you need to compile it yourself and give it a try ? Also I think it is best to check with the tvheadend forum, it is more likely to get an accurate response there.


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Why not?!

N2 terminal:

$ pamac build tvheadend

bring up your compiling with root password.

after install type:

sudo systemctl enable tvheadend

sudo systemctl start tvheadend

with sudo systemctl status tvheadend you see IP&Port for your browsing

tested on Raspi3B+ with 19.06 arm


It works fine for me!!!!!!
Thank you...

How to compile and install oscam emu ?

Build Oscam 11537 git from AUR

Open your terminal:

git clone
cd oscam-git
makepkg -si

After auto install ..

sudo systemctl enable oscam
sudo systemctl start oscam

regards ... The Cow

Other question: why you use Odroid N2 with ManjaroaARM for Multimedia (Video/Live-TV)?
Coreelec (fork from Libreelec) is a nice Kodi Build for Odroid's with 4k HW-Support... you can install addons TVH-Server & oscam-server & etc ...


Because​ Coreelec or libreelec. some feed sport live channels on asiasat5 100.5 e cannot be decoded 4:2:2 10bit, yuv422p10le.
Sometime I want to watch football laliga and serie italy feed 4:2:2 10bit.
and Coreelec team said 10bit H264 cannot be decoded in hardware on Amlogic.

But I tried run recorded video from 4:2:2 on manjaro with mpv player it's perfect for me.
You can see my videos link below.

Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you for reply.

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