Tuxedo keyboard lights no longer work after recent update

Maybe because of the new version of systemd, but that is just a guess (could be something else as well).
However, the keyboard LED worked fine till the update and still works when I switch the notebook on, but as soon it gets to the password screen to unlock the encrypted home partition, the keyboard light is gone!

I guess I have to wait for a Tuxedo update?

Addiotional Info:
The last Manjaro update killed the Tuxedo Control Center as well !!

With tuxedo-keyboard 3.2.0 and TUXEDO Control Center 2.0.0 you are now able to configure the keyboard backlight with TUXEDO Control Center.

I do have version 2.0 and 3.2 ever since it got released.

The last Manjaro update killed the Tuxedo Control Center as well !!
Only temperature is working, CPU and Fan doesn’t.

When I launch it by the terminal,

LANG=C tuxedo-control-center
/bin/sh: line 1: prime-select: command not found
/bin/sh: line 1: prime-supported: command not found

it does start, but CPU and Fan doesn’t work!

Update about the update 2023-04-11
The TUXEDO Control Center is working again, but the keyboard light does not !!

My fault, I didn’t check the Tuxedo Control Center, cause I coudn’t imagine that the 2023-04-06 update would change the profile which I have set there, but it did !!
So my keyboard light was set to zero und now I have it back.
Anyway thank you for making me aware, even so it took 2 week to look into the Tuxedo Control Center.
Shame on me.

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