Tuxedo-Control-Center, tccd.service does not start


I just updated my system which broke the tuxedo-control-center (and probably more, see below).

Trying to start the application results in the error message:

Communication with tccd service is unavailable, please restart service and try again.

Indeed the tccd.service is not running and trying to (re)-start it via the systemctl does not work, journalctl -u tccd gives:

Jul 18 18:54:50 infinitybook systemd[1]: Started TUXEDO Control Center Service.
Jul 18 18:54:51 infinitybook tccd[444]: Pkg: Error reading from file.
Jul 18 18:54:51 infinitybook systemd[1]: tccd.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Jul 18 18:54:51 infinitybook systemd[1]: tccd.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

This persists even after reinstalling the related packages, in particular i followed the steps described in a recently posted Tutorial.

As a probably related side note, trying to restart the service breaks some major parts of the system, e.g. running pamac update afterwards gives:

** (pamac:3342): WARNING **: 19:06:37.538: transaction_interface_daemon.vala:52: failed to connect to dbus daemon: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.LimitsExceeded: The maximum number of active connections for UID 1000 has been reached
Authorization not available. Check if polkit service is running or see debug message for more information.

** (pamac:3342): CRITICAL **: 19:06:37.750: pamac_daemon_start_get_authorization: assertion 'self != NULL' failed

Additional Info: I run the plasma version of Manjaro on kernel 5.15.

I would really appreciate any ideas that might fix this problem.

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There was a stable snap several hours ago (no announcement post as of yet), are you fully up to date? After you are, reboot then check the service again.

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To give another data point:

I have the same problem as OOP after the latest updates (tccd crashes with Pkg: Error reading from file.), but without the other problems (pamac and the rest of the system is running ok before and after I try to restart tccd).
(KDE Plasma, Kernel 5.18.12-3, everything up-to-date)

I guess it is a problem with the tuxedo-control-center-bin package [1], it got an update 4 days ago.

@Op: can you confirm that you are also on 1.1.5 for the tuxedo-control-center-bin package?

There is also an (old) issue in their github [2] with a similar problem, unfortunately without resolution

All in all kinda annoying because it seems without tccd my fan is running on full power all the time -.-

[1] aur → tuxedo-control-center-bin
[2] github → tuxedocomputers → tuxedo-control-center → issues/24

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if you bought a tuxedo-hardware i would recommend that you ask for support also at tuxedo. they sell their hardware with this software and they should be reliable for it. if tuxedo want’s to get a popular linux-brand then it’s a must that they’ll help and assist if their software troubles.

I have the same issue as @TheCissue using the package from extra, on a Tuxedo Pulse 14. Opening the GUI failed and the fan would not stop. I have tried the same steps without luck. I ended up using Timeshift to restore a previous point.

@Olli I totally agree with your expectations from Tuxedo, but from experience Tuxedo is not interested in providing software support. I had an issue with the tuxedo-touchpad-switch package, I submitted a ticket with them and their reply was the following:

We only give hardware support for our Manjaro Notebooks. The Tuxedo packages for Manjaro are managed by Manjaro or the community.

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i’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for this information.

tuxedo-control-center is in the Manjaro community repo built from source, no need to install an AUR package. Can you reproduce the issue with that?

EDIT: 1.1.5-2 is on it’s way with a small fix. Let me know if that makes any difference.

Ah sorry my bad - yeah I have tuxedo-control-center installed (1.1.5-1) not the AUR version. I git confused while trying different stuff.

BUt yeah I guess lets wait for 1.1.5-2 and until then I’m working on an older btrfs snapshot :smiley:

Update: 1.1.5-3 may actually be an improvement, 1.1.5-2 was only a wee unrelated fix. If not, then it’s an upstream issue.

Just installed 1.1.5-3, seems like everything is back to working normal.

Thanks Yochanan :+1: and good night, i’m going to sleep now :smiley:

I can confirm on my Pulse 14, package 1.1.5-3 got everything back to normal. Thank you @Yochanan

I can also confirm that the recent update from 1.1.5-1 to 1.1.5-3 fixed the issues.

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