Tutorial - How to Install Nvidia drivers from the Nvidia website


I think both are useful - if you want to install the drivers direct from Nvidia, use this tutorial. If you want to install them “the Manjaro way”, use the other one.


And again, the guide copies and executes directly in /
It’s crazy how ignorant people are to feedback and then complain because it is edited to fit common Linux conventions …


A humble question: Have you tried to follow the guide the way you edited it?


if changing the path where it is executed breaks it, the problem seems to be not the edit …


Besides copying a file to / and execute, I think the steps 6 to 11 are unnecessary.
It looks for me the hole point is to change the grub kernel line to add “systemd.unit=multi-user.target”. But the standard target in systemd is “multi-user”. So start a Kernel without that option should not make a difference.

The other think is, you should never login in as root on a Login screen. Use as described by BS86, sudo, sudo su or su.