Turning 2nd monitor on makes 1st go black and I have to hard restart

About a month ago I had this issue after locking the computer, turning off monitors, leaving. When I come back, If I turned on 2nd before the primary, the “signal would be lost” and I would have to hard restart.

It is now an issue where no matter what I do, if I leave the computer unlocked, turn off secondary screen, turn off primary screen…then come back and turn on primary, it works. But if I then turn on secondary, they both do not work and I have to hard restart.

The only solution, until one is found through community, is to never turn my monitors off, which is incredibly useless.

Im running a ryzen 5600g and RX 6600. Ive been running the system with both since Nov’22 with this issue only surfacing about a month ago.

Unplugging one or the other from the computer does nothing. Turning the 2nd back off doesnt solve.