Turn on without power button

Hello guys
I would like to find a way to turn on the computer without pressing the power button.
I know that my computer has the ability to turn on when a lan cable is inserted, which unfortunately I don’t use, unfortunately it doesn’t have the ability to turn on with a power cable.
Do you know if there is any possibility via software and / or hardware?
Or any way?
Thanks in advance.


Any software will need a system to be already powered on to work. The BIOS, while the system is connected to power outlet, might have options to wake up on USB events - aka keyboard or mouse. You have to check that.

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Maybe your Wireless network card. supports Wake on WIFI ( WoWLAN ).

You can check Wake on WLAN capabilities running (assuming you have only single a WiFi device)

$ iw list 

If it has support, it will look like this:

        WoWLAN support:
                 * wake up on disconnect
                 * wake up on magic packet
                 * wake up on pattern match, up to 20 patterns of 16-128 bytes,
                   maximum packet offset 0 bytes
                 * can do GTK rekeying
                 * wake up on GTK rekey failure
                 * wake up on EAP identity request
                 * wake up on rfkill release

You can activate it by:

sudo iw phy0 wowlan enable any

Then proceed to test it, by sending a magic-packet like you would in Wake on LAN from another device that is turned on and can send magic packets. (E.G. your router, another computer, …)

It might work :slight_smile: it might not, your BIOS/UEFI firmware might not allow this.
You might even have a trouble with suspend / hibernate.



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Interesting request.

When you awake in the morning - do you require help?

Wake On Lan is usable but requires someone the send that special package - how to do you think you can do this without interaction - at least a some point?


LOL, pick one and run with it…


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It will also require some device on the network to be on. If that device is not some kind of SBC (RPi, etc), then might as well just suspend the computer and wiggle your mouse/press a key on the keyboard OR use a systemd timer to wake the computer up.

As you also asked for a hardware “solution”, you could think of implementing a Power-LAN, then you’d have a LAN cable inserted. I can in fact recommend using a Power-LAN, it’s usually faster, more reliable and less prone to data interception as compared with the regular WLAN.

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U can Use a LONG stick and hit the Power Button from there


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