Turn off screen after lock?

How can I configure xautolock or i3lock so that it automatically turns off the screen after 2 minutes?

You could add something like
bindsym $mod+x exec xset dpms force off && i3exit lock
in your i3 config, where “$mod-x” could be replaced by a keybinding of your choice…

Can you explain the command please?

NVM, found it! I have updated my config
bindsym $mod+9 exec blurlock && xset dpms force off

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Yeah, sorry.
bindsym $mod+x exec is the keybinding for executing
xset dpms force off which will turn off your display, and then
i3exit lock which will lock your screen.

Your ‘mod’ key is either your ‘Super’ or ‘Alt’ key.

EDIT: I missed the ‘2 minutes’ part - oh well…

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How would I go in order to set the force off after 2 min?

Just add a sleep command plus the number of seconds, e.g.:

bindsym $mod+x exec --no-startup-id blurlock && sleep 120 && xset dpms force off

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