Turn off display without locking screensaver


The command:

xset dpms force off

Turns off the display but locks the session.
Is there a way to turn off the display only without asking for password when I touch mouse/press any key?


xset q
Keyboard Control:
auto repeat: on key click percent: 0 LED mask: 00000000
XKB indicators:
00: Caps Lock: off 01: Num Lock: off 02: Scroll Lock: off
03: Compose: off 04: Kana: off 05: Sleep: off
06: Suspend: off 07: Mute: off 08: Misc: off
09: Mail: off 10: Charging: off 11: Shift Lock: off
12: Group 2: off 13: Mouse Keys: off
auto repeat delay: 500 repeat rate: 20
auto repeating keys: 00ffffffdffffbbf
bell percent: 50 bell pitch: 400 bell duration: 100
Pointer Control:
acceleration: 2/1 threshold: 4
Screen Saver:
prefer blanking: yes allow exposures: yes
timeout: 0 cycle: 600
default colormap: 0x22 BlackPixel: 0x0 WhitePixel: 0xffffff
Font Path:
DPMS (Energy Star):
Standby: 0 Suspend: 0 Off: 0
DPMS is Enabled
Monitor is On

Go to settings/power manager and under security tab choose never in a automatically lock the session drop box. Also uncheck lock screen when system is going to sleep.

That worked, thank you!
But now when I close the lid it does not go to sleep.