Turing pi 2 looks impressive

What would you do with one?

What would I do with one?

I have been waiting for this, thanks for the posting it!

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What will you do with it?

Currently I have four networked pi4. One is my daily driver and three are compute machines, for things like compiling kernels. I use distcc to spread the compile across all four pi4 which results in a build time of about 40 minutes, much faster than on a single pi4.

I connect a monitor to my daily driver and use nomachine for GUI access to the three compute machines. And I plan to bring in clustershell, which has some interest for me.

I also nfs mount /var/cache/pacman/pkg shared between all four, so only a single download is needed for updates… and on my very slow DSL Internet connection, that helps a lot.

An expensive but interesting option would be to add a Jetson Xavier NX module and three CM4 modules. But I have only read about the Jetson module, no first hand experience.


So what would be the advantage of this board with your variously branded cms over just having machines on the network and doing it as you’re it now?

Functionally, the four pi4 setup is superior as far as flexibility… but the ergonomics of the Turing V2, no external ethernet switch and cables, power supplies, desktop space, etc. The honeycomb accomplishes this too, and one can add a GPU (at least in theory). I wonder now about the Volta GPU on the Jetson Xavier NX compared to whatever will work in the Honeycomb.

And so my internal debate continues.