Turing loop of not being able to make an install for my lan driver and needing internet in the first place to update the kernel

I am installing manjaro to a desktop without internet. Within the installer I need it to connect to the internet to download python and other programs for it to be able to function. I tried installing the driver for my intel lan which is the e1000e driver when I get to making the install for it I need linuxheaders. I cant connect to the internet to setup the kernel or the headers for the kernel. What the hell am I supposed to do.
Experience: First time installing manjaro along with it being offline. Have worked with linux before though with making a mining rig, so am new but know basic stuff.
Specific type of manjaro: cinnamon os

Some Suggestions:

Create an updateable USB-stick on another PC. There install everything you need to run on the “desktop without internet”.

From this live USB install on “desktop without internet”

chroot into “desktop without internet”. Then install what you need with pacman.
(it even may be possible to copy packages from USB into your install and then install them)
Then reboot

Use USB-tethering with your Phone as internet for “desktop without internet”

Use a temporary cable wit 100m :wink:

Use an Accesspoint as bridge and connect it via cable to your “desktop without internet”

Download the needed packages (without installing them) then copy them with USB to your “desktop without internet” then install them locally

There may be better approaches :man_shrugging:

So I have thought about and looked into other ways of using internet without installing the required drivers into it i.e. a usb wlan that has drivers installed on the usb itself so no need to mess with making installs. What exactly do you mean by an updateable usb stick. Do you mean drivers or kernels and kernel headers? If you mean the latter of the two I have been searching online for the two but haven’t found manjero specific. Another thing I would need to update the kernel-api-headers to match the install of kernel headers. There is no way to update the kernel-api-headers that I know of or downgrade just because its in use by the usb install itself. Thank you for helping!

What I’m saying here might be mute just because I don’t fully understand all of linux yet.

:mag: persistent USB
:mag: alma

This Is a fully functional manjaro on an USB-Stick. You can install everything you want to, onto the stick. Compile AUR packages …
Then you can carry this USB to any computer and use it there with all the installed drivers, modules and programs.

With this you should be able to enable your wifi while booted from USB. From there you can install using the wifi.

:mag: chroot

Then you can chroot into your installed system. (While running the drivers from USB)
and you can add everything you will need to your install while being in chroot.


But the approach with USB-dongle or Bridge may be easier to manage for you.

Thank you will try. I think I would need two usbs one with the Alma persistent USB and one with the original cinnamon os manjaro installer. Then enable the wifi from the persistent to be able to allow the cinnamon os installer to install everything from online. Or I would chroot it onto the usb installer itself then make the installer for the lan driver.
Am I correct in this line of thinking? Will give it a go in the meantime.

If you have a mobile phone, you can use it as an ethernet device (USB thethering).
This will use the mobile data which might be limited.

If you have access to a wireless AP, connect your phone (wirelessly) to it - then share it in the same way: use it as an ethernet device.
This will not use the mobile data …

This would be easiest. Is none of that possible?
(this was among the suggestions @andreas85 made)

a spare old ethernet card (which is likely to be supported) which you could temporarily put into your system would be even easier

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I was trying to find a workaround that didn’t use an ethernet card or phone as of yesterday morning I had neither thankfully my replacement phone came in that day. Did everything over USB tethering. I also feel like there should be some sort of way to be able to do the drivers offline, at least for networking devices only. Thanks for all the help. Cheers!

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