TTB vs STW - another wallpaper

There are many trivial things in linux, but backgrounds or wallpapers are one of those that, as some put it, are:



Once Gnome showed their DynamicWallpaper, curiosity kicked in. But before i move on, i have to step back and explain the title:

  • Gnome uses backgrounds for what other DEs use wallpapers inside usr/share/ folder. Don't know why, but that's probably another think different choice.

TTB = Time Transition Backgrounds = the choice done by Gnome to display 3 backgrounds over 24 hour by the use of a xml file and a couple of lines. Morning - Day - Night transition from one to another trough an overlay type effect, and each transition + each background can have a defined "lifespan" to show on screen.

  • In KDE Plasma for instance, the STW = Slideshow Timed Wallpaper can be set to only change every certain amount of defined time, from folders at the user choice.

So, what's the deal with Gnome Background then? Well, if there can be a branded Manjaro TTB, why not.
My quick challenge was:

  1. use the colors and layout from the web page of Manjaro
  2. to work with different layouts (see the gnome-layout-switcher done by @Chrysostomus)
  3. work visually with different themes - yet is another subjective things that can be discussed and argued about.
  4. to not interfere visually with the clock if used as lock screen
  5. allow the users to use some virtual/visual space for a conky (if they use it)
  6. the 50:50 transition points to remain visually pleasing and represent, at least partly, the dusk and dawn "atmosphere".
  7. if Night Light is used - all the above

Is not rocket science, and probably not much of a deal, not much of an achievement either, and some will consider it a total failure :slight_smile:


The result can be seen in the twitter link above. Of course the transition was speed up and the effect is not the same as would happen over 24 hours. The files are at

and it seems that @Ste74 will kindly package them to have them available in the repos.

Other resources for your benefit:

If you compare the installed images for the adwaita-timed.xml with the new ones from their github, is clear they rework their designs too :wink: Everything can be improved.

Personally i like how it works with the Adwaita-maia theme

See some comments down the github page for it.
Plus there is

that seems will also be adopted.

In order to activate the custom xml theme, you have to add it to the list inside ~/.local/share/gnome-background-properties/gnome-backgrounds.xml with the entry like this:

<wallpaper deleted="false">
    <name>Manjaro Timed</name>

otherwise will not show in Background Settings.

A small preview:


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