Trying to use alltray with Chromium App for WhatsApp web

Hello Masters
I’m trying to use alltray to minimize a WhatsApp web Chromium app to tray… I can do it but only if I launch the web app first and call alltray after :frowning:

What I really liked to do is to launch it with alltray…
NOTE: I have 3 different Chromium profiles so when I type this:

alltray /usr/bin/chromium --profile-directory=Default --app-id=hnpfjngllnobngcgfapefoaidbinmjnm

it gives me error: command line parsing failed (Unknown option --profile-directory=Default)

--profile-directory=Default is the profile that has the WhatsApp web

--app-id=hnpfjngllnobngcgfapefoaidbinmjnm is the WhatsApp web app

Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to parse the entire line correctly?

The issue seems to be that the option --profile-directory is not valid.

You could try the option --user-data-dir as documented here and see if it works.

Ok so I typed:

alltray /usr/bin/chromium --user-data-dir=/home/ricardo/.config/chromium/Default/ --app-id=hnpfjngllnobngcgfapefoaidbinmjnm

and got:

error: command line parsing failed (Unknown option --user-data-dir=/home/ricardo/.config/chromium/Default/)

To me it seems the error message is saying that it’s an unknown option to alltray and not to chromium… so perhaps the chromium args need to “wraped” or something like that?

Also, if I run just /usr/bin/chromium --user-data-dir=/home/ricardo/.config/chromium/Default/ --app-id=hnpfjngllnobngcgfapefoaidbinmjnm it gives me a new empty profile??? It only works if I use --profile-directory option and not --user-data-dir … now I’m confused

You need to do it like this (from man alltray)

alltray -- xterm -geometry 132x40

So in your case:

alltray -- /usr/bin/chromium --user-data-dir=/home/ricardo/.config/chromium/Default/ --app-id=hnpfjngllnobngcgfapefoaidbinmjnm

Damn, forgot to RTFM :frowning:

Ok so it worked, but then again I had to use --profile-directory instead of --user-data-dir but this is related to Chromium and not so much to alltray

So in the end this is what worked for me:

alltray -- /usr/bin/chromium --profile-directory=Default --app-id=hnpfjngllnobngcgfapefoaidbinmjnm

oh sorry… I just copied from the last post real quick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No problem :wink: BTW here’s my WhatsApp web app minimized to tray
Captura de ecrã_2020-11-19_23-46-45

P.S: I know, I know, I have updates to do… don’t want to update my Thunderbird just yet because some extensions are not working on v78 (going to edit pacman.conf now to ignore that package ;))

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