Trying to update an "old" netbook


good morning everybody :slight_smile:
Yesterday I took out a 32 bit Acer netbook with Manjaro OpenBox on it, not used (or updated for maybe 2 years) and tried to update it (I should hand this machine to a relative who’ll use it for web browsing and not much else) but with not much success… I first tried to update only Firefox and it did, but then Firefox doesn’t work anymore (error message: could’t load XPCOM) then guessing it’s something newer version of FF need and missing from this old os I tried to update everything with the “classic” pacman -Syy and pacman -Suu. It turned out a huge mess because I got a very long list of corrupted packages and no update.
I tried to fix it by refreshing the mirrors list, and I got asked a very long list of pgp keys attached to names that didn’t mean much to me. I then found this page of the wiki:
and tried to follow it… the “One recipe for fixing this” doesn’t work as to the command:
sudo pacman -U
I get the usual “invalid or corrupted package” message :frowning:
“Error about keys” section has been more useful, even if at point 2 I usually get an error message that more or less says “have you already done point 3’”. Howver after these commands I got a much shorter list of names whose pgp keys I’m asked to import (the only name I recognized was Philip Müller), I said yes and… nothing changed, it still doesn’t update the packages…
Any (quickish, I don’t want to loose too much time on this) way to fix this mess? (I’m wondering about a clean install).
Thanks :smiley:


forgot to add: kernel on this machine is linux48, tried to update to 49 but I got the usual error about corrupted packages and it fails.


Hi. Support for 32 bit architecture in Manjaro has ended, so maybe the best option is to install a distro that still has it.


yes, I was aware of that… one of the reasons I was trying this last update is this… still I’d prefer to keep Manjaro but if there’s no easy & quick way I’ll just install something else, I could have a look at Haiku… thanks for the reply!


All the best with finding the right 32-bit OS for your Netbook.

More power to you.

Ruziel :slight_smile:


Take a look here List of distributions for 32bit x86 hardware [Wiki], you should find something nice :smiley:


17.0.5 still provides 32-bit ISO’s, so those can be used. But they won’t get many updates from November and forward.

The quickest way to get around your problem is a re-install. If you don’t have any data on it you want to keep.
The OpenBox version of Manjaro is not a community edition anymore, but thankfully @napcok created Mabox Linux. It’s a 17.0.2 version, but it should update alright.

If not, you should be able to ask @napcok for help, since he’s the Maintainer of it.


Yes, but he shouldn’t be getting errors on start or when updating. This still looks like an odd problem.

Said this, I wonder why people never ever specify their hardware specs in details in these threads…


The reason you get those issues with updates is most probably because you haven’t updated it for 2 years and there have been many major changes in the core system during this time.

If you want to stay arch-based, there is archlinux32. From what I understand, you can even switch your 32-bit Manjaro installation to archlinux32.


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