Trying to uninstall all AUR - some alternatives and questions about Snaps

Hi there,

I start using some AUR software before even knowing what they are and/or the problems they can cause (I am new to Manjaro).

Today I was reading some articles here and I am now afraid of AUR apps.

Well, I wanted to uninstall all AUR from my system, but some softwares I heavily use (as Dropbox, for example) are not available in other sources.

I found a Dropbox Flatpak, but don’t know if that is official. I also found some apps I need available as Snaps, but since I used Ubuntu for some time, I am now afraid of them: can them really slow down my system?

Well, my main question is about Snaps: does any possible problem they may cause is still better than use AUR?

Thanks in advance.

You should not act on diffuse fear - but on knowledge instead.

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My personal preference is:

  • official repositories
  • AUR
  • AppImage
  • compile from source

Only if I really had no other choice would I consider Flatpak. If Snap was the only possibility then I wouldn’t use the software.

This is just my personal choice though. YMMV.

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You should be afraid of dihydrogen monoxide then, as well. Yet, we use it every day.


What @Nachlese said.

Thank you guys. I think I understood.