Trying to Shift to Manjaro KDE

I have been trying to shift to Manjaro KDE and saw this;
" If you want something that’s rock-solid stable and “just works” without ever crashing, go with Xfce . But if you want real customization and crazy cool thing in exchange for some crashes, framerate drops, and screen tearing, go with KDE"…

I have a 4GB RAM Dell Inspiron 15 3552 with Celeron

I want to use KDE but is this true…Will normal customization (themes,icons,plank) and updating bring crashes even in stable releases?

not true. crashes can happen on all desktop versions. :rofl:
you should be able to use it fine. you can try it before you install anyways, it runs live.


I have a similar processor with only 4gb of RAM dual booting Manjaro KDE and GNOME and both have been extremely stable. I have been shocked how well they work on my old slow laptop. I think you will be surprised how well Manjaro functions especially if you DON’T do weird things with the command line in an attempt to tweak it. Good luck! :+1:t3:


Ok I will give it a try.