Trying to repartition my manjaro and windows dual boot

so i am trying too get storage from my d drive too my manjaro witch is on my d drive but as a partition ill send you both the drives partitioning and can you tell me how i can get storage from my d drive too my manjaro dual boot? it seems like i cant add the images maybe a link to the images file:///home/milan/Pictures/Screenshot_20210223_202606.png file:///home/milan/Pictures/Screenshot_20210223_202620.png

no one can access your local picture files

Why don’t you give some info in the form of text - the output of a few commands that would show the situation

sudo parted -l
sudo fdisk -l
lsblk -f

ok ill try that after class i can give you some info rn though i have unallocated space too add too my manjaro only healty efi system stands before it soo i cant extend it anyway i can move the partition so i cant extend it or?

Could you please use a normal language - it is impossible to understand what your topic are.


what do you mean?

Sorry - forgot to clarify - this quote from the wiki explains it

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